Windows® Home Server



Windows Home Server simplifies the way you protect, organize, and share your family’s valuable digital content and media, including documents, photos, videos, and music. Windows Home Server is now available to consumers on new hardware from leading partners.



If a computer goes down, everything on it can be restored automatically and easily.


Photos, music, videos, and important documents spread across multiple PCs can now be organized and accessed in one central place.


Access your home computers and digital content from virtually anywhere with secure remote access.


The expandable solution enables families to easily store and share their growing collection of music, photos, and home movies


System requerments Microsoft Windows-based computers

Processor 1-GHz Pentium III (or equivalent) or faster processor
Memory 512 MB of RAM or more
Hard Disk 70 GB or larger ATA, SATA, or SCSI hard drive as the primary hard drive and any number of additional hard drives of any size
Drive DVD drive—your home server must be capable of booting from this drive
Display VGA or higher-resolution monitor for software installation
Input Device Keyboard and Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device (needed only during initial home server software installation)
Internet Connection Internet broadband router/firewall device with a 100 Mbps or faster wired Ethernet connection for your home server
Windows Home Server assumes that your home computers get their IP address from the router/firewall device on your home network
Networking 100 Mbps or faster Ethernet network interface card
Other A broadband Internet connection is required; access to and use of the Internet may require payment of a separate fee to an Internet service provider; local and long distance telephone call charges may apply


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