Caregest ®
The complete integrated
 human resources & payroll software solution




The complete integrated
 human resources & payroll software solution

Caregest offers an easy-to-use suite of applications for small to large sized organizations that integrates and automates critical HR and payroll processes .The needs of HR departments vary considerably, so Caregest human resources software is structured to make it both flexible and affordable. You can buy the complete integrated human resources & payroll software solution, or start with a base system and add additional modules as required

Human Resourses Features

  • Absence recording/analysis
  • Contracts of employment
  • Qualification records
  • Skill matching
  • Training management
  • Working Time Directive monitoring
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Remote access

Payroll features

  • Nationally Accredited Payroll System
  • Inbuilt IMSS and IRPS calculators
  • Multiple search facility including wildcard
  • Multiple pay frequencies – monthly, weekly, two weekly, four weekly, and four weekly paid monthly
  • Multiple employee bank accounts
  • Multicurrency
  • Select employee payment method
  • Ability to apply spinal point values and grade information
  • Ability to apply multiple jobs and posts
  • Statutory sick and user defined occupational sick pay
  • Ability to report on all fields
  • Standard reports included, plus ability to create your own reports
  • Import and export facility
  • Links to most major third party products including Microsoft Word/Excel
  • Security down to field level with full audit trail including reporting and analysis
  • Remote access


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