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The Benefits of Using HR module
The benefits of using an effective HR Management tool, such as Caregest, are immense; not only will it make a difference to the processes of your HR department in terms of time saving and efficiency, but potentially to the business as a whole resulting in cost savings from the bottom line.

Many SME businesses still maintain employee records in a spreadsheet or paper records in a filing cabinet. A computerised HR system will not only eliminate the need for paper records and spreadsheets, but will also allow you to recall and produce meaningful management reports on a wide range of information at the click of a button.

When making full use of the functionality available to support your role a number of benefits such as retaining your best employees, reducing the occurrence and cost of absence and ensuring that your business complies with current HR legislation, are all very possible.
When working with a reputable supplier such as Caresoft, your HR software solution will be in continual development to ensure that new functionality is added to meet the latest legislation and HR trends. With so much new legislation coming into effect any business, irrespective of size, needs to make sure that it is fully compliant to avoid a potentially costly fine or tribunal situation

Caregest allows you to monitor and report on employee absence and in particular identify persistent short term absence. Absence remains one of the most difficult and costly problems for Mozambique businesses to overcome. Caregest   aims to simplify the process of monitoring absence and will assist your business in keeping absence costs to a minimum.

Utilisation of Caregest Learning and Development functionality will support you in motivating and retaining your employees by providing a structured framework to work from. Employee appraisals, training records and development needs can be recorded and reported on within the system and future appraisals can be scheduled to ensure that they are not overlooked.

Health and Safety functionality is also included within Caregest allowing your organisation to fulfill the necessary health and safety requirements. Maintain emergency contact and next of kin details, keep a record of any accidents, mail merge accident substitute documents and create accident book pages for your company accident book.

The scenarios explained above are just a few of the benefits that could be experienced by implementing a computerised HR system such Caregest.

The Benefits of Using Payroll module
There a number of advantages of using payroll module as well as ensuring that your staff is paid accurately and on time, it will also assist in automating the payroll process allowing your payroll department to reduce the amount of administration and be more efficient.

If you are working with CARESOFT then your payroll software will be in continual development and new functionality and enhancements will be added periodically to ensure that you are compliant with the latest payroll legislation. Upgrades to your software, together with documented changes to the software, allow you to keep abreast of changes in legislation and ensure that your organization makes the best use of its payroll software.

CAREGEST  will allow you to attach external documents to an employee file so that all relevant information relating to that employee can be found in one place. In many cases you will also be able to attach an employee photo to the record if required.

Inbuilt report writers will allow you to produce reports and charts to assist in company forecasting and planning. For example, you will be able to very simply look at the costs and implications of a specified pay rise percentage across the board and adjust it in line with your budgets as required.



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