An Integrated Financial Accounting Solution specifically designed for development projects to better control the management of donor funds to ensure an optimal utilization of resources allocated to the various project activities

System Flexibility
Multi - Projects, Years, Sites, Users, Currency…. Everything! 
Unlimited - Activities, Actors, Objectives, Indicators, Outputs,
User Definable parameters to suit specific project needs
Facilities to review & change original target indicators
Runs on standalone PCs, LANs & WANs,
Links with Office Productivity Tools:         MS-Excel
Document. /Filing System
Forces users to define M&E indicators & variables in precise terms to provide basis for effective Project Monitoring and Evaluation

Integration of budgeting with accounting and cash management functions.  World Bank FMR compliant

Multi-year accounting to track credit agreements from start to project completion
Improved Productivity: Data collection sheets help in gathering focused data with specific indicators for capture & processing
Normalized data processing: Input data are referenced to the Annual Work Program and Budget (AWPB)  &   Project LOGFRAME
Effective query facilities: Multi-criteria sorting facilities on the various aspects of project monitoring and control – right information at the right time

Rapid decision making: Automated reporting and timely access to information for analysis and identification of problem areas

Complements project management by facilitating Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation (physical progress) by processing related AWPB & Field data into precise M&E information in line with the 4X4 Project Logical Framework Approach





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